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10 Things I’m Loving Now – be where I am

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“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life” – Buddha

From life’s simple stuff to grandiose pleasures, bring it on!

1. Living in Gland

Houses in Gland, Switzerland

After living for 7 months in Geneva, I finally decided to move to another town in Switzerland. This time I am staying in Gland at the district of Nyon in the canton of Vaud.

Gland is a French word which means ‘acorn’. It is strategically located between Geneva and Lausanne, taking you only around 20 minutes in going to either of these two cities by train. Due to its location, you can also find some international companies and organizations like Swissquote, Sun Microsystems and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It is also said that the Formula One World Champion, Michael Schumacher, resides in Gland. Is it suffice to say we are just neighbors now? (As of press time, my lady-friend just showed me the horse ranch owned by Schumacher’s wife in Gland. Starstruck much am I? Shucks, yes!).

After a day’s work, the serenity and peacefulness in Gland make me always feel I am truly home. The stress just melts away. I am definitely falling in love with my new place.

2. Taking Vitaparcours in Gland

Go around vitaparcours in Gland.

Vitaparcours is called to a fitness trail (or parcourse) in Switzerland that consists of a path or course equipped with obstacles or stations distributed along its length for exercising the human body to promote good health. While there are also other fitness trails in other countries, the original parcourse was actually invented in 1968 by a Swiss architect with support from Swiss life insurance company, Vita. The first course was built in Zurich.

I will do my best to share my Vitaparcours experience in a later blog post. I intend to finish another course this weekend, with a camera on hand!

3. Riding the SBB Train

One of the best things I enjoy here in Switzerland is the daily commute. Since I live a bit far from Geneva, I now take the regional train. Swiss trains are usually impressively punctual and efficient. There’s nothing much to complain, except perhaps that rail travel can be extra expensive. From Gland to Geneva and back, it is at 195CHF for a monthly pass. Single two-way ticket will cost you almost 20CHF. Do the math and you’ll figure the discount. No regrets in moving away, I am paying for the quality of life I deserve *wink*.

4. Sipping Treyrose from Cave du Treyblanc

Europe is indeed the best place to enjoy wines (the Old World wines to term it aptly). 70% of all wines in the world come from this continent and most of which are produced in Italy, France, and Spain. Switzerland wines, on the other hand, are pretty rare. In wine production, Switzerland only contributes roughly 0.50% and so it is difficult to find them in other cellars outside the country. I came across an interesting read from Debra Meiburg (click here) and I find her the best person to say everything we must know about Swiss wines.

With such rarity, expensiveness and exquisite taste of Swiss wines, I feel so privileged.

The recent visit to Cave du Treyblanc for their wine tasting was my baptême du feu. Of all the wines I tasted, I fell in love with Treyrose, Cave du Treyblanc‘s rosé wine. It comes from purple-colored grapes, Gamay. The smell is quite strong but a bit fruity and the taste is full and round with pleasing fruitiness.

5. Walking around Nyon

C’est Chateau de Nyon.

View Larger Map via Google Maps

Nyon is another one lucky town situated on Lake Geneva, between Geneva and Lausanne, amid the vineyards of La Côte. Nyon derived its name from one of the Roman towns, Noviodunum or Noiodunum. In the 13th Century the Counts of Savoy built a castle and nowadays this castle, towering over the old town, houses the Museum of History and Porcelain, containing valuable items from the former porcelain manufacturing industry in the town. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go inside this castle since it is closed on Sundays. But we went around the Old Town and I was able to see beautiful arcades dating from the 13th century.

It was a nice place to just lounge around on a sunny, laidback Sunday, wasn’t it?

6. Enjoying malakoff

It goes well with salad and white wine. C’est trés bon!

I had a chance to enjoy a very typical recipe of the canton of Vaud. This recipe is said to have been brought back by Swiss soldiers who were drafted by the French in the Crimean War; and also commemorates the taking of Malakoff in 1855 in Ukraine.

See how it is done here.

7. Wearing leather jackets from Pimkie

A friend of mine gave me a nice leather jacket she bought from Pimkie as a birthday gift. She also accompanied me to Pimkie as well, as it was my first time to visit this store. In that store too, it was her again who showed me another pair, which I bought eventually.

Pimkie is a fashion brand for young women’s clothing , with their own shops in France most of Europe is represented in as well. The company is based in Lille , northern France. The company is family run.

I ♥ Pimkie now.

8. Getting BB

His name is Bumblebee! Isaac welcomes you. Hapee family we are!

9. Visiting Jardins en Fete at Coppet

Enjoy the garden and the flowers at the Garden Festival in Coppet Castle.

We visited Château de Coppet last May 8 for the Jardins en Fete (Gardens Festival).

Gardening is absolutely part of the culture here in Switzerland and ideally Spring is the best time to start decorating lawns with beautiful flowers, trees and plants. I am mesmerized with their beauties I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I want to share the photos with my mom so she’ll get ideas of what I want for our own garden. This will also prevent her from turning our lawn either into an overwhelming field farm or forest. So Mom, I warn you (in a subtle manner, of course!).

10. Running with a Nike pair

I ran with aching calves during my first few days in jogging and my friend noticed that I was wearing the wrong shoes, “Those shoes are not made for running, my dear.” “Should I run barefoot now?” I wondered. Poor me, I was clueless. So over the weekend I decided to buy a pair of running shoes. Luckily I bought a nice pair for only 99CHF. Originally it’s 139CHF, c’est cher! No actually, scrimping is a habit of mine.

Voila! After running with a new pair of Nike shoes (it’s either that or Adidas, recent buy was Reebok), my calves feel better. It’s the shoes that count, mind you.

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