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10 Things I’m Loving Now – something that clicks

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I’m definitely a Polaroid camera girl. For me, what I’m really excited about is bringing back the artistry and the nature of Polaroid. – Lady Gaga

From life’s simple stuff to grandiose pleasures, bring it on!

1. Logan, my new compact digital camera
I’m a happy owner of Canon PowerShot. I hope I can tell you more about how powerful and versatile my Logan is…*wink wink*

12.1 megapixels | 3″ screen | 28 – 392 mm (14×)


GPS-enabled 12MP compact superzoom with manual controls, 3 inch LCD and 14x(28-392) zoom lens. Users have the option to shoot Super Slow 340 x 240 movies at 240fps and 1080p24 Full HD video. There is also a Movie Digest mode that records a short video clip right before shooting a still image and then combines one day’s worth of clips into a VGA-resolution video. Canon offers an optional waterproof case for this model.

Overall, the Canon Powershot SX230 HS has a lot going for it, with an elegant body and consistent performance in key areas like autofocus, zoom, and white balance. In a wide variety of shooting situations, we were able to produce very pleasing photographs without too much hassle, which is the entire point of this class of camera. Even when the going got tough, indoors and at night the Canon continued to produce quality photographs.

2. Manor
This is Switzerland’s SM Department Store. My fave hangouts would be Manora Ristorante, its perfume lane, ladies’ apparel and groceries section (especially for Bio Natur Plus).


Manor AG is a Swiss department store chain with its headquarter in Basel. With an estimated market share of 59%, Manor is Switzerland’s biggest department-store chain. The Manor Group extends to the 70 Manor stores employing some 11,300 personnel, the Athleticum sports goods chain and Switzerland’s FLY furniture shops. The Group, which is owned by Geneva-based Maus Frères Holding, generated total sales of CHF 3.34 billion in 2010. Manor is positioned in the medium price segment.

3. Longchamp bag
I didn’t give in to the Lacoste and Havaianas craze in the Philippines, but I might fall under the spell of Longchamp bags. I got one from the Le Pliage line.

I agree with Ana Joe. From

Women are going ga-ga for LongChamp Le Pliage. I think the designer of this bag is plain genius. He/she created the simplest design but focused on the quality of the materials used and workmanship. This bag is full of room, you can even carry two cats around in it…

This bag is so popular, it has become the target of copycats. Fake Le Pliage are everwhere and if you don’t know how to spot the fake, you could be the victim of these conniving people. So, if you plan to buy Le Pliage online and at a cheaper price, this is how you spot the fake, read here. Perhaps they won’t put the fake pics online but you’ll find it out when it arrives. It’s better to spend the right amount of money for an original. Well, that’s my opinion.

4. Zara

Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia, and founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. It is the flagship chain store of the Inditex group; the fashion group also owns brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Uterqüe, Stradivarius and Bershka.

It is claimed that Zara needs just two weeks to develop a new product and get it to stores, compared to the six-month industry average, and launches around 10,000 new designs each year. Zara has resisted the industry-wide trend towards transferring fast fashion production to low-cost countries. Perhaps its most unusual strategy was its policy of zero advertising; the company preferred to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead. This has increased the idea of Zara as a “fashion imitator” company and low cost products. Lack of advertisement is in also contrast to the direct competitors such as United Colors of Benetton, whose campaigns are still considered outstanding and innovative in the advertisement industry.

5. Ikea


IKEA finally opens in Geneva

A blight on the urban landscape or a slice of consumer heaven? It’s a banner day for fans of the Swedish chain’s retail charms. The world’s largest furniture store has opened a new branch on the western edge of Geneva proper, in Vernier. This is IKEA’s eighth store in Switzerland, which is also home to the company’s billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad. The Swede has a reputation for being somewhat of a recluse, but Pierre Keller, director of the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, knows the man. He talks to WRS’s Adam Beaumont and paints a different, richer picture of the visionary behind flat-packed furniture.  Click here.

6. Swatch

A gift for myself after staying over a year in Switzerland, it’s Swatch Red Suit. Later I found out this is a men’s watch. I didn’t know! Well, one thing’s for sure (and I’ve been so consistent). When it comes to watches, I really prefer the designs for men.

Swatch is a brand name for a line of wrist watches from the Swatch Group, a Swiss conglomerate with vertical control of the production of Swiss watches and related products. In 1984, Swatch was conceived and it was introduced to the market in Switzerland in March 1985.

7. hiking shoes

We go hiking up hills and mountains, this pair of shoes and I.

8. Gruyère cheese

Hopefully I get a chance to visit the place where these cheeses are made.

9. Ballerina shoes

I really, really love ballerina shoes. They’re OH SO comfy!

10. Polaroid shades
Yes, it’s Polaroid. They’re now also into shade-y business. They’re selling eyewear! With such a strong, classic brand, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m actually glad it’s back.

Polaroid Eyewear is the recognised expert in polarized lens technology. All Polaroid sunglasses offer 100% UV400 protection.

Learn more about the benefits of Polaroid® polarized sunglasses.

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