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10 Things I’m Loving Now – spring galore

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It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

-Charles Dickens

From life’s simple stuff to grandiose pleasures, bring it on!

1. Spring

Next to summer, spring is now my other favorite time of the year.

2. Summer hats
3. Spanish wines
This is 1996 (but we took 1998). Delicioso!

Source: The New York Times

One of the more compelling wine stories of recent decades has been Spain’s almost miraculous evolution from a producer of oceans of mediocre commercial wine into a source of some of the most exciting, original and sought-after wines in the world.

Change was a long time coming. Grapes first appeared in Spain around 1100 B.C., probably grown by Phoenicians near what is now Cádiz. The arrival of the non-drinking Moors in the eighth century A.D. put a damper on the wine trade that lasted 700 years. Not until the 1490s, with the expulsion of the Moors, did business begin to pick up again. Spanish explorers planted Spanish vines throughout the New World, but only in the 19th century did Spanish wines begin to move, hesitantly, into modern times. Read more.

Another Spanish wine I also like.
4. Chino pants

Most of Chino pants for women colored khaki, but actually comes in various colors. Chino pants are actually twill pants, which is mostly made of cotton. These pants started become trend since there are military pants trend popularized by the U.S. Army, and eventually spread among the fashion lovers in the world. Chino pants for women was not only used as a pants, but also coats, vest and even dress.

Not only khaki, Chino pants for women comes in black, cream, chocolate, army, gray, navy and even yellow mustard. Although the model is quite simple, Chino pants is one of the must-have fashion item in your wardrobe. With these pants, not only the formal style that you can create, but also casual style that you can wear on street in the weekends.

Read more on the tips on how to use the Chino pants for Spring/Summer 2011.

5. Chateau de Chillon

Visiting the Castle of Chillon is like going back in time! Each hall or room unveils a part of the castle’s history. Modern means enable us to better understand the daily life of the Court of Savoy and also of the Bernese bailiffs.

Visit the official website.

6. Mövenpick ice cream

Mövenpick Ice Cream is a brand of ice cream of Swiss origin produced by Nestlé and is known for its “no artificial additives” policy. I have tried different flavors and the lovely creamy texture seems to be consistent althroughout. You can also never go wrong with their (Swiss) chocolate ice cream flavors.

7. Montreux quayside
Freddie Mercury is unmoved at the quayside of Montreux, facing Lake Geneva.

The Montreux region is renowned for its festivals and open-air summer concerts, as well as its flower-decorated quayside, sun terraces, casino, discos, bars, bistros and boutiques. Cosy restaurants serve fresh fish from the lake accompanied by the famous local wine.

I’m pretty excited to witness the Montreux jazz festival this July.

8. Vineyard of Lavaux

A picturesque sight to behold, the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces carpet the slopes with vines and lush greenery lined with medieval stone walls. Stretching for about 30 km along the shores of Lake Geneva, the region is one of the most famous wine-growing areas in Switzerland and an outstanding example of a centuries-long interaction between people and the environment. The magnificent views of Lavaux and the Savoie mountain peaks towering in the distance have inspired not only wine-growers to produce a highly valued wine but also artists delighted with its unique beauty.

9. Roses

I want them on my garden.

10. Ricola

Ricola from Switzerland is known for cough drops and breath mints. While the active ingredient in most Ricola products is menthol, an important part of Ricola products is the herb mixture. There are around 16 herbs used. Right now, I’m enjoying the sugar free Lemon Mint throat drops.

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