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Hello again!  I suppose you find my blog interesting and enjoyable so far.  By now, you’ve got some questions to ask or collaborative ideas to share with me.  Then you’ve landed on the right page where we can start talking about possible opportunities.

Here’s how we can work together.

Content Contribution and Guest Posts

I now accept contributions from fellow bloggers from all over the world! This is definitely your chance to cross-sell your content and promote your blog. I am looking for high quality content, engaging and well-researched. I also accept original or re-published materials as long as the content complies with the following guidelines:

  • Written articles must have at least 300 words. If you only share photos or videos, you must provide at least a 100-word byline detailing what the photo/video is all about. Write-ups must be well-written in English.
  • For re-published content, provide a link where it is first published. The contributor must also be its original author.  The contributor may make references to another website by directly indicating its name or website (linked or unlinked).  A fully plagiarized content is a big no-no.
  • Content may contain links to another website, but only 2 links maximum is allowed.
  • Contributor/author must provide a byline about him/herself, along with a link to his/her blog.

I cannot guarantee publication of all content sent to me. Definitely if it gets published, I will inform you right away.

The kind of content I am looking for must be based on:

TRAVELS:  personal stories, trip itineraries, things to do, sightseeing spots, dining places, accommodations, practical tips & advice, inspirations…
FOOD: personal stories, recipes to share, dining experiences, practical tips & advice, inspirations…
LIVING ABROAD: personal stories, opinions & observations, practical tips & advice, inspirations…

Advertisements, Affiliate Partnerships and Online Campaigns

My blog currently accepts affiliate programs, ad space lease and text ad links.

I promote products and services that are relevant with the overall content and message of my blog.  The ads should contribute to and be consistent with the overall experience of my readers.  I provide full disclosure on every advertised product or service and ensure these ads do not contain false, misleading, fraudulent or deceptive claims or content.  All ad components must be relevant and appropriate to the offered product or service and the target audience.

I currently accept advertisement space and links on my blog and newsletter, affiliate partnerships, brand ambassadorships, contests or giveaway promotions, press trips and social media campaigns.

Sponsored Posts, Custom Content Collaboration and Product/Service Reviews

Are you also looking for someone who can create a distinctive, relevant and engaging content?

Then you can hire me either as your content writer, product/service tester or social media manager!

My writing has been featured both in print and online:

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Are you looking for a blog from where you can promote and establish your brand, and build relationship with customer online?

COFFEECHAT W/ PERPIE can be your ideal platform to help you achieve your marketing goals and reach your target customers in the digital world.

I prefer to take any sponsored work that will fit with the overall tone and theme of my blog and have full disclosure of compensation.  I enjoy doing reviews, sponsored posts, contests and promos for the right products and services.  My writing style can be best described as engaging, honest, informative and balanced.  I also share my posts on leading social media sites.

Ready now to work with me?  I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Do you have other creative ideas in mind that you and I can collaborate on?  Or for anything else like comments, suggestion or other questions?

Please feel free to contact me! I’ll reply to you right away with more information.

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