Bacchus: A Premium Go for Wine this Holiday Season

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We are all expecting another round of merrymaking that equally encapsulates all the good things that happened in our lives this year. Apart from creating large food buffets, wines and spirits are definitely not discarded on the shopping list.

A search for the best wine in the metro seems to entail tough luck nowadays. Yet in case you are yearning for such a “Holy Grail” that does not only suit your palate but also expresses your chosen mood or personality, perhaps Bacchus can bestow what you truly seek for.

We’ve Come From the East in Search for Great Wines

Bacchus is truly proud of its 10-year legacy in providing high-quality, highly valuable wines. It only has three branches in the country situated at some of Shangri-la’s hotel chains. From a starting collection 2,000 bottles, wine-passionate Alex Lichaytoo, the owner of Bacchus, now manages a full warehouse of around 300 labels and types of wines both coming from the Old World and the New World. To be exact, Bacchus imports wine directly from classic vineyards in France and Italy and from new players such as Napa Valley in California, Chile and Argentina, New Zealand and Australia, and South Africa. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2009: “puli kami sa iloilo” (going home to iloilo) – final part

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Guimaras Island is a favored destination by both foreign and domestic tourists because of its picturesque beaches, waterfalls, springs, off shore islets, and its famous mangoes, which is considered one of the sweetest in the world.

Guimaras is an island province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region.  Among the smallest and youngest provinces, its capital is Jordan.  The island is located in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros.

There are many theories on how Guimaras got its name.  Available historical documents can attest that pre-Spanish Ilonggos had knew Guimaras as “Himal-us” though some Spanish historians had written that Guimaras may have been named after after a peninsula in Portugal called Guimaraes, or from names of places in Spain such as Guimaron in the provinces of Leon and Galerea, Gimenia in Catalonia, Gomera in the Canary Islands, and Guimaraon in another province. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2009: “puli kami sa iloilo” (going home to iloilo) – part four

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Sixth day of our stay in Iloilo and we were now starting to feel weary and a bit homesick. Not that we miss dad and brother, not really! Haha. It’s just that mom wanted to get back to her business routines. I, on the other hand, was yearning for my bed, again! Well, make it my entire room already.

We decided to slow down and parted ways to do our own thing. Doing her most favourite hobby, mom went out to the public market to buy rare finds. I stayed in the hotel for a dip in the pool. Actually I don’t swim at the beach. I just like to hang around, feel the sand, the wind and the heat of the sun, and enjoy the view. After the hefty food splendour, I can already feel the heavy bulge that I sense the need to swim in laps to burn these calories, pronto! Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2009: “puli kami sa iloilo” (going home to iloilo) – part three

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I guess I was 6 when I first visited Iloilo and when my mom’s older brother, Tito Domeng, had passed away. At that time we, together with other relatives, stayed in my uncle’s house in Miagao (pronounced as Mi-yag-aw).

I really had fun memories in Iloilo.

My younger brother and I were terribly adventurous, restless kids!  I remember visiting the town’s marketplace, swimming all day long in the beach, traversing hilltops and dried-up rivers, and simply playing with other town kids.  Twenty years after, I just got back, and I was extremely giddy seeing those familiar places all over again.

It was already our third day in Iloilo, and mom proposed that we go on a road trip and visit the towns at the south.  From the city proper, we took a jeep bound to San Joaquin. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2009: “puli kami sa iloilo” (going home to iloilo) – part two

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The town of Concepcion, situated in northern Iloilo, is blessed with one of the most scenic seascapes in the whole province.

Forming a safe natural harbour for Concepcion Bay are 16 islands connected by azure waters and rich marine life.

According to Geraldine, Concepcion shelters only 14 (and a half, because the other is for the other town).  Whichever, these islands won’t disappear on the map anyway!

Let’s get a bit into history.

Perpie in Pinas 2009: "puli kami sa iloilo" (going home to iloilo) – part one

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Last week of March, I hastily decided to go on a long vacation.  Admittedly, after the distress I got myself through, I needed a breather.  A vacation totally uncalled for, I invited mom to go on a trip to Iloilo.

Iloilo is considerably one of the sacrosanct provinces in the Philippines that carries a rich culture and history.

Iloilo is also the family’s hometown.  Dad is born in Pototan.  Mom spent her younger days in Lambunao and in Iloilo City.  It is also in Iloilo where my father’s ancestors made their marks in history.

I made a quick itinerary for the trip, thanks to Despite the fact that mom is from Iloilo, she had the least idea on where we can go.  Besides, it’s been ages since she last visited it.   So, I took in charge. Read more