Two Years Ago…

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year-end review

This must have been the longest break I’ve ever had from blogging, though it’s actually the opposite from what would be expected as uneventful years, for me at least. The truth is, 2016 and 2017 were significantly a turning point in our lives, as my husband and I finally become parents.

Sorry, not sorry.

I almost embraced before the idea of living as a single woman; neither I relished the thought of becoming a mother as well. I was enjoying my independence so much.

While I was seeing my friends getting married and settling down, I was getting less keen to find that better half who I can spend my life with.  It took me 5 long years after a break from a serious relationship to get back into another again. Read more


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If the Americans have burgers and fries and the British fish and chips, the Belgians also offer one of the best comfort pairings in the world – a potful of steamed, juicy, sweet mussels with crispy-fried potatoes occasionally dipped with freshly made mayonnaise.

Moules-frites is popular all over Europe, most especially in France, but there are a few good reasons to believe that this dish originated from Belgium. For one, the way the frites were prepared and cooked by local cooks during winter is first cited in a Flemish manuscript dated 1781. The Belgian farmers were also the first to switch from growing wheat to cultivating potatoes. Mussels are cheap and plentiful, a Belgian staple that was originally considered as commoner’s food and they’ve been paired with fried potatoes ever since. Read more

Reims for French Champagne

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Reims is a city in the Champagne-Ardenne region, north of France that is known for its cathedral as the historical coronation site for generations of French kings. Yet most of all, Reims, together with Eperney and Ay, is the main area of champagne production. Particularly this city is home to many largest champagne houses – les grandes marques as they call it, are simply the likes of Moët & Chandon.  Last year, my husband and I traveled to Reims for a tour around champagne cellars, French gastronomy, and a few bottles of the most celebratory wine.

Around Reims

Dated from the 17th century, Reims city hall features a pediment with an equestrian statue of Louis XIII, while behind it on the right is a fine art nouveau building with mosaics that show the champagne making process. Read more

Birthday Dinner: Auberge de l’Union

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My husband surprised me with a fancy dinner at Auberge de l’Union in Arzier on my birthday. Well, we had been trying to come up with a surefire excuse to visit this restaurant for a long time, even though in fact, it is not so far from our place. So far for this year, we’ve already celebrated two special occasions somewhere else – his birthday at 2-star Michelin Nuance and our Valentine’s day at the top of Jungfrau. At the same time, whenever we go hiking around and pass by it, we’d sometimes start talking about this restaurant, which would leave me relentlessly curious about it. Then come my birthday, and me, the celebrant got lazy to organize. It’s such the best timing for hubby to take me to this quaint, classy resto I had sought out for quite some time. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2014 – Cebu Once More: A Day in the Metro

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This is the third part of CEBU ONCE MORE series. If you missed the first part, read it here – BE in Mactan. And the second part? Check it out here – Mactan Shrine & Sutukil.

Part of this post has been first published at The Filipino Expat. You can also check it out here – On Pinoy Malling and Cebu Lechon.

It was beautiful and sunny the following day we arrived, fitting for what we planned to do first in the city of Cebu. Since I’ve been here several times, as expected, I prepared an itinerary for the first-timer – my hubby of course! He had also been looking forward to this tour, as this was going to be the start for him to truly explore what my home country has in store, beyond the beach life that he’d ever been acquainted with. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2014 – Cebu Once More: Mactan Shrine & Sutukil

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This is the second part of CEBU ONCE MORE series. If you missed the first part, read it here – BE in Mactan.

Mactan Shrine Park is a must for first-time visitors in Mactan island. Here, you will see the shrines erected in honor of the two most significant figures in the Philippines history – Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who led the Spanish-commissioned expedition for the Spice Islands that resulted in the first circumnavigation of the world and the commence of discovery of the Philippines; and Lapu-Lapu, the chieftain of Mactan who bravely defended his sovereignty, through which it led to a battle that eventually killed Magellan.

We were planning to visit Mactan shrine after our Sutukil dinner, but the ever-annoying barkers led us to pass by it first instead. We found a slight relief after seeing a local police in the area. The park’s small so it was easy to find the memorial shrines. First, there’s a memorial tower in honor of Ferdinand Magellan, from which its spot is believed to be the area Magellan was killed in the battle on 1521. After a few walks we found a tall bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu. Read more