I should become less of a foreigner in this foreign land. It’s my home now.

Great Taste in 2015: Soups, Pastas & Home Dinners

Since we moved here to Belgium, I’ve actually spent a good deal of time preparing dinners for family and friends at home. Then over spring and summer, I got so hooked in making soups and pasta dishes.

Go meat! A few meat dishes got my attention that I chose to share the recipes here. I always enjoyed preparing this herbed lamb with crushed potatoes; just placing everything in the oven and you get this luscious lamb dish in half a time. Bangkok’s lemongrass chicken stir-fry recipe was pretty interesting. Quite a lot of prep work but it just takes a couple of minutes of cooking everything together in the wok, then you get a delicious Asian curry dish. Then this chicken adobo with merguez was a happy experiment of sort.

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On the Go in 2015: At Home and A Bit Away Too


My husband and I just visited their museum somewhere at the mountain top in Grossglochner.   I had already expected that I’d only see these creatures on screen or at their “most preserved” forms.

“Turn around. Look!” hubby was calling me out in a forcibly hush tone, so as not to scare them and run away.

We stopped walking, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“For real, I’m finally meeting my furry kinds at last!” I jokingly reacted.

Cute furry creatures in the Alps eh?

Marmots are large squirrels living in mountainous areas such as the Alps.  These fluffy animals typically live in burrows and often within rock piles, and hibernate there through the winter.  Most marmots are highly social and use loud whistles to communicate with one another.

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Spend a Friday Night with Loic Nottet’s “Rhythm Inside” Live at Eurovision 2015 Semis

It’s Belgium’s official entry to this year’s Eurovision. I just saw its performance for the first time last Wednesday, and I liked it right away. I can somehow say this is the only song I like the most (of course!), but after watching another semis last night, Sweden’s Heroes and Latvia’s Love Injected did impress me too.

This year is actually a few firsts of Eurovision. Australia joins in for the first time, while Finland’s entry becomes first act with special needs to compete. Oh, I almost forgot. It’s also Eurovision’s diamond anniversary. And remember Conchita Wurst? She (or he) is back in Eurovision as one of the hosts.

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Traditional European Christmas Market Scenes

Visiting traditional Christmas markets is one of the fascinating things to do in Europe during the Christmas holidays. Compared to the holiday shopping experience back home in the Philippines, here it can be less busy and crazy. Actually expect a bit more of rustic feel, as wooden houses line up beautifully along the streets that are selling unique goodies, which are quite ideal as Christmas gifts. Some even offer fresh and warm, traditional winter delicacies that entice visitors to stay despite the almost freezing temperature outside the streets.

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