My Summer in Paris Overnight

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Reading about the Philippines being ranked last in the global list of rude hosts gave me something to smile about. Curious enough, I dug even further to figure which country got the topmost rank. Et voila, I couldn’t disagree more. As a matter of fact, it even inspired me to blog about my first-time visit to Paris.

It took me half a year, I tell you, because the experience wasn’t been great. Maybe I had high expectations, but who would not? Paris is a traveler’s postcard that’s worth to keep, they say.  Paris is the place which all great personalities of then and now have high regards over. Paris is the centerpiece of culture and the arts. Paris is the city of love and lights. Read more

A Glimpse of Annecy

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Annecy is one of the villages at the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France and it is known for its lake, Lac d’Annecy. Together with our very own Taal Lake in the Philippines, Lake Annecy has also been featured as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world at Budget Travel magazine.

From the city proper, there’s a beautiful green park and a very charming canal, alluring us to walk a few steps more; and there you will find where the water is coming from. At the foot of a majestic mountain lies the equally bewitching lake of Annecy.

We found ourselves very lucky, since the weather turned out to be warmer than we expected. The bright, sunny day added to the beauty of the lake. The water’s captivatingly clear that I really felt like going for a good plunge, just like the ducks here that were not shy to show off their butts! Read more