So Swiss: A Day at the Streets of Zurich

At around 6 in the morning at Nyon train station, we took the inter-regional train that headed to the direction of Brig. After 15 minutes, we got off at Lausanne and took another that would send us to Zurich. Two hours more, we finally arrived.

There we stood at one of the busiest railway stations in Switzerland. Zurich Hauptbahnhof is a major railway hub not only for Switzerland but also for neighboring European countries like Germany, Italy, Austria and France. The train station is already located at the Alstadt or central Zurich’s old town. A few more steps from there we found ourselves in Zurich’s main downtown street, Bahnhofstrasse. Known as one of the most expensive avenues for shopping in the world, Bahnhofstrasse is also where we started exploring this fancy Swiss city. Read more

So Swiss: Crossing Creux du Van

The Creux du Van is a natural rocky cirque of approximately 1,400 metres of width and 150 metres of depth on the north side of Le Soliat. It is located in the Val de Travers district, in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel. A very well known, amphitheatre-shaped natural attraction of the area, it is located at the heart of a nature reservation area of 15.5 km².

It’s over a year ago when I started to join in group camping and hiking hence enjoying the natural beauties of Switzerland. One of my earliest stints would be the visit to Creux du Van in Neuchâtel. We liked the excursion so much that a few weeks after our first we went up again, taking a different route nonetheless. In our second trip, I tagged a few more friends with me. Read more

So Swiss: Tulips in Morges


Every spring, Morges hosts the Tulip Festival at Parc de l’Indépendance on the shore of Lake Geneva. An eagerly awaited date in an exceptional site opposite the Alps.

The Tulip Festival (no admission charge) lasts six weeks and presents 150,000 tulips of 250 varieties in Parc de l’Indépendance in Morges. The diversity of these banks of flowers remind fans of the tulip’s huge range of shapes and colours.

The first varieties are in bloom in mid-April. They are a great attraction for families who thus inaugurate the first lakeside outgoing of the year. Small animations are regularly organised at the Parc de l’Indépendance. Drinks and snacks are available on site. Read more

So Swiss: Nice Nyon

Nyon is another one lucky town situated on Lake Geneva. It is between Geneva and Lausanne, amid the vineyards of La Côte. Nyon derived its name from one of the Roman towns, Noviodunum or Noiodunum. In the 13th Century the Counts of Savoy built a castle and nowadays this castle, towering over the old town, houses the Museum of History and Porcelain, containing valuable items from the former porcelain manufacturing industry in the town.

We frequently visit Nyon for the flea market that happens every last Sunday of the month. Here you'll find interesting artifacts and secondhand items for sale, as well as open shops and restaurants (on a Sunday, because most stores in Switzerland are closed).

So Swiss: Paléo Festival 2011

I hope my memory serves me right. I think I told myself before that my presence at the UP Fair and at the Eraserheads reunion concert, which both occurred two years ago (in separate dates and venues, of course), would be the last straw for me to be sort of “teenspirited” and ignite the punk rock in me (despite the girly outfits I was wearing at those times).  But boy oh boy, was I wrong! Because just three months ago, I attended one of Europe’s most important musical events of the year.

It’s the Paléo Festival, baby.

Paléo 2011 – Clip de présentation par paleo

Just seeing this massive crowd makes me want to faint. Seriously.

Since 1976 – and the «First Folk Festival» that drew an audience of some 1,800 people in the town assembly rooms in Nyon –, Paléo Festival is today one of Europe’s most important musical events. Since its creation, the Festival has been growing in a regular and managed way, gaining steadily in professionalism during this period of development. Each year, more than 200 concerts and shows are on offer to the 230,000 members of the public who fill the Festival’s 84-hectare Asse site (car parks included), situated above the town of Nyon. To this day, over 5 million people have contributed to this unwavering popular success. For more than ten years, the Festival has been sold out before it even started and enjoys an ever-growing reputation. In 2011, over 600 media representatives covered an edition marked by rain and mud but in an exceptional atmosphere. Read more

So Swiss: Visit these Swiss Places, Lonely Planet says

Benazir Bhutto expresses her distrust when she said, “I’ve never had a bank account in Switzerland since 1984. Why would the Swiss do this to me? Maybe the Swiss are trying to divert attention from the Holocaust gold scandal. ” Gertrude Stein nonetheless shows her confidence, “In a war everybody always knows all about Switzerland, in peace times it is just Switzerland but in war time it is the only country that everybody has confidence in, everybody.”

Graham Greene is being sarcastic afterall, “In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock! ” Larry David follows suit, “Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight, so they get people to do their fighting for them while they ski and eat chocolate. ” Ernest Hemingway takes Greene rather seriously and replies in an artsy manner, “Switzerland is a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways, and is all stuck over with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo clock style of architecture.” Read more