An Overnight Stay in Genoa

The Nordic wind seemed to tell us that summer would be gone soon in a couple of weeks in Denmark.  By September, the good chance we could still catch the summer breeze is when we go further south.  So, a day after we tied the knot in Aeroskobing, we headed back to Copenhagen and took a flight back to Switzerland.

The next morning, we found ourselves heading towards the Mont Blanc Tunnel.  Then it’s official – we’re definitely heading to Italy!

I’ve always liked Italy.

After visiting Florence once and Rome twice, I couldn’t get my mind off from wishing to explore this beautiful country more.  By the time we were already looking for our honeymoon destination, I said it right away, “I want to go (back) to Italy.” Read more

48 Hours in Aerø Island

Finding Ærøskøbing was like discovering a light tower in the middle of the night at sea.  Amidst our constant search until we found Denmark, we felt right away that Ærøskøbing is the perfect place for us to get married.  I got swooned right away upon knowing that this hidden island is dubbed as Denmark’s fairytale town.

Indeed, Ærøskøbing is one hidden beauty in the Danish Baltic Sea.

Its idyllic charm is accentuated by narrow cobblestone lanes and picturesque houses dating back from the 17th century, along with historical establishments that speak about its commercial and maritime progress in the past.  Ærøskøbing seems to be a “town-in-a-bottle.” It is a quaint, peaceful place that would make you feel the time stops for you while its natural, rustic, unassuming beauty continues to flow around. Read more

A Day in Copenhagen

We got the wind of Nordic romance when we chose to get hitched in a Danish island called Aeroskobing in 2013.  By that year too, Denmark had taken again the top spot on the United Nation’s World Happiness Report.

Definitely, we are convinced.

Freedom to make life choices is surely one of the reasons why this country is amongst the happiest, and we’re evenly glad that the Danes share this value with foreign couples like us. Read more

10 Things to Do in Ghent

A few weeks after we visited the Belgian coast, off we went to visit another city in Belgium that is dubbed as one of the beautiful cities in Europe.  Actually, Lonely Planet even ranked it amongst the top ten cities in the world in 2011.

Interestingly I came to know about Ghent when my brother shared this article listing down these underrated, must-see cities in Europe. From it, he even picked this city to start off our chat.

“So many places (in Europe) to visit, so little time!”  That was all I could ever say to him at that moment. Read more

Our Labor Holiday in Holland

Spring has arrived, and so is May. Everyone in Belgium seems to be extra happy.

For sure it’s getting warmer again, but aside from that, it’s also in May that public holidays are most plenty. And it starts right away on the first day – it’s Labor Day! Lucky we are too, it was on a Friday.

While many countries like Belgium observe May 1 as an official non-working holiday, in the Netherlands it is not.  Perhaps due to the fact that days preceding it, the Dutch had already gone “orange mad” on their King’s Day. A day of such frenzy on that time of the year seems to be good enough already. Read more

In Photos: Easter Holiday at Oostduinkerke-Koksijde


I scribbled out of my head the name I was trying to remember, but the word would start trailing away that I couldn’t say it anymore. Since I now live in another country that speaks a different language with mine, any newcomer like me would get tongue-tied.  So, pardon my Dutch.

As the Easter holiday was drawing near, everyone’s been asking on each other’s plans. I eventually kept my reply rather quick and simple, “We’re heading to the Belgian coast!” Then I’d cross my fingers, hoping they wouldn’t ask me more, as to where exactly we’re going to stay. Read more