Lulu Tan Gan’s Second Coming through L Manila

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Another article I wrote about Lulu Tan-Gan’s new store, L Manila. This time around, it is published at The Village Gazette.

The newly built Greenbelt 5 speaks of modern lifestyle as our enthusiasm for all things luxe revs up. The new go-to place in Makati is the home of hip Filipino craftsmen and artists, alongside top-end foreign luxury brands. The unfaltering expert in the fashion industry, Lulu Tan-Gan, is one of the feisty souls who will take on a trend she once created to a rather higher, more different notch with her newest endeavor, L Manila.

I am an avid supporter of Filipino fashion works, and Lulu’s creations have been my delights. I remember strutting along the social circuit in one of our corporate events when a curious expatriate asked me, “Who are you wearing, dear?” Beaming lightly I replied, “I am wearing Lulu Tan-Gan.” Obviously, I was flaunting our very own designer that night. Upon hearing about L Manila, my heart jumped for joy.

Luxury. Lifestyle. Lulu. These words may what the letter L in L Manila stands for.

An extension of iconic label Tan-Gan and perceivably a second giant wave of her fashion design career, Lulu Tan Gan’s L Manila spearheads to creating a global Filipino fashion brand. Drawing inspiration from Filipino costumes, arts, and history rather than from what is cheered at the modern fashion catwalks is L Manila‘s newborn philosophy today.

Lulu is not alone in this quest. She has actually brought creations of talents like Puey Quinones, Tippi Ocampo, and Arcy Gayatin. Her store also houses bags of Coco er Tres and Balat Mundo, fashion accessories of Capulla, flip flops of Waigu and Tan-Gan’s men’s knitwear of Ivarluski Aseron.

The store has likewise featured particular finds such as Capulla crocheted copper wire accessories and bags, rhinestone sandals of Monique Albert, woven and metallic bags from Jen Sarmiento, and pure leather bags from Twinkle Samson.

Gayatin’s pinya bolero and organza dresses are highly unique wardrobes. Quinone’s pinya dresses are practical and innovative. Ocampo’s clothes are simple, happy – her designs always draw her whimsical personality.

“The Queen of Knits” as what Lulu is also known for, offers resort-creation wear and bridal outfits that are embellished with fashion accessories to set a jet-set flair. Resort wear, simply put, is travel-friendly, fluid and stretchable, resilient to the crease, easy to handle, and suitable to any reason. Her bridal creations, on the other hand, are created from innovative, modern materials mixed with indigenous abaca and pinya. Almost all items are handcrafted.

Lulu witnesses the growing trend of people celebrating occasions out of town. With L Ltd. as the brand, fashionistas can already enjoy the high style and exclusivity of designer pieces without the waiting hassles.

Apart from the clothes and accessories, L Manila offers signature-scented products such as home spray and candles that in effect, wholly complete the exclusive, luxurious resort lifestyle.

L Manila‘s store design is definitely breathtaking. Designed by renowned interior artist Ivy Almario, the store exudes a vibrant yet beautifully clashing charm, as modern decors juxtapose against contemporary items in traditional motifs. One will see exquisite lanterns over the fitting cubicles, and sketches of the fashion designer, Lulu, on the wall. “It is this melange that personifies L Manila’s unique style of homegrown innovation and sets out to put a modern, hip flair to Filipino fashion while embodying a certain lifestyle,” Lulu emphasizes.

There’s definitely more to expect from Lulu and L Manila. As she and her Filipino contemporaries – confident and spirited – are gearing towards success in the global fashion, we will more likely enjoy the fruits of their labor; as we also don their creations in elite occasions and red carpet moments and proudly say, “I am wearing L Manila.”

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