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Galaera Diaries: My Birthday Ice Cream at Gelatone

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After having dinner at a quaint Japanese resto, my friends and I decided to take a long walk not only to burn off the calories, but also to relish a delicious dessert. Yes, we’re just taking the calories back into our systems.

Without the blatant talking to each other (again), we  went straight all the way up to the second floor of Greenbelt 2 and stopped by at Gelatone. Apparently, this was our first time being together in this yummy store. I do drop by once in awhile for my sweet tooth.

No one raised their hands and contested. Instead, we ran towards the large ice cream bin and pointed our fingers at delectable targets.

We then sat as prince and princesses when our ice creams arrived. When the lady-attendant saw our cameras, she told us about the photo contest and volunteered to take our picture.  May be we got excited from what we just heard, we then said, (Italian) cheese!  🙂

We were naturally all smiles on the camera with the ice creams of our choice. Call it another Kodak moment.
We were naturally all smiles on the camera with the ice creams of our choice. Call it another Kodak moment.


Of course, they had a fair share of the spotlight, too! Because, theyd be eaten after. No mess. No evidence. All finished. Yum.

On a side note, without due permission from the models, I am posting these shots for the photo contest’s sake. But guess what, they’d enjoy it if they find out. Moreover, we’ll get exhilarated, if we win! This means, more ice cream and, yes, they’re free!

We claimed that we can read each other’s personalities based on the ice cream we chose. We gave it a shot.

Janet: simple, transparent, pure.
Janet: simple, transparent, pure.
Dylans self-description I quote: "May asim." Ergo, caustic.
Dylans self-description I quote: “May asim.” Ergo, caustic.
Mahros: beautifully non-conventional.
Mahros: beautifully non-conventional.
Perps: sweet with an edge.
Perps: sweet with an edge.

What a treat. Sorry Pinoy sorbetes, I’m gonna be unfair. (Screams hard) I love Italian ice cream! It should gonna be at Gelatone, too! Yes, I’m pulling their legs as well so we can get free GCs and free exclusive lunch for us four as well!  Oops.

At any rate, it was an interesting way to cap off the night and to finally admit I am another year older, at Gelatone.

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  • perkyperps

    We are so thrilled upon hearing such good news. It’s gonna be so nice to be celebrating your anniversary with you. Congratulations and thank you very much! 🙂

    We’d love to enjoy your delicious treats on your anniversary. Count us in!

  • Hi Perps!

    Conratulations, this entry has been selected as one of our GRAND PRIZE WINNERS for our photo contest! Free up your schedule this Sunday, April 25 ‘coz lunch is going to be on us! See you in Gelatone at 1PM. Bring your friends as well because lunch is going to be good for 4 people. 🙂

    Please RSVP as soon as you read this so we can finalize the preparations for our anniversary lunch. For details on your prize, drop by our Facebook page @


    Gelatone Admin Team