Perpie in Pinas 2014 – Cebu Once More: BE in Mactan

While everybody was getting ready to return home after celebrating the New Year in Boracay, my husband and I continued our escapade in the Philippines. Our next stop was the island hailed as the “queen city of the south.”

Cebu is not new to me; this must be my third visit already. The latest one was just two years ago, when my mom and I went to see the mall and the churches, and taste the popular lechons. And we succeeded; for just an overnight stay, we were able to do it all. In fact, this itinerary was specially crafted for first-timers like my mom (at that time). Now that it’s my husband’s turn, I felt the need to follow it again. Yet of course, it would be a bore for me if I didn’t add a few new things to do for our stay in Cebu. Read more

My 10 Most Unforgettable Travels in 2013 (2 of 2)

If you missed the first half of this post, check it out at Part 1 of My Top 10 Most Unforgettable Travels in 2013.

After getting married in a fairytale-like Nordic island called Aeroskobing, we flew back to Switzerland, packed our luggages again and went on to our honeymoon the next day.  Yet the honeymoon seemed to continue after Italy. We also went to visit Porto in Portugal for a long weekend, and the Philippines for 3 weeks.

6. Hiking through the five villages of Cinque Terre

Otherwise known as the “Five Lands,” Cinque Terre features five beautiful fishing villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. We stayed in Levanto, a village that lies at the northern end of these little villages of Cinque Terre. After many months of being in the cold, we had our first good dose of Italian sun at its beach. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2012: Bohol Beauties

At last, after more than a year of living in Switzerland, I was able to go home to the Philippines for vacation.  I wanted to visit Ilocos and Palawan this year, but I found it more interesting to explore Bohol first, especially when I realized that I can also make a side-trip to my other favorite city at the south part of the country, which is Cebu.  I was definitely yearning for white sandy beach leisure, so Bohol turned out to be a fitting place for a getaway.

The trip was somewhat my long overdue gift for mom on her 60th milestone, too.  Like me, she also deserved a much-needed vacation.  Despite our petty squabbles and quirks in traveling, mom has always been my equally reliable, fun-loving, ever-curious travel buddy.  She’s always got the age-defying energy and zest to go places.  She’s an Energizer bunny! Read more

My Top Everything of 2009 – my best places

1. Iloilo

It was ten years ago when I first visited this Visayan place that is gifted with a rich culture and history. A random invite, to say the least, mom and I visited the quiet islands of Concepcion, the majestic churches of Jaro, Molo, Miagao among others, and the country’s Island of Mangoes, Guimaras.

More than enjoying the places, the food, and the people of Iloilo, my bonding moments with mom were truly worth it; no matter how at times, we’d get into petty fights and troubles along the way! I was able to picture out mom’s life snippet in Iloilo as she showed me to places where she lived, studied and enjoyed. At this point too, I was able to personally meet her closest girlfriends. It was very fascinating to see these three female musketeers jeer at each other’s misadventures (or even the lack thereof). There were no dull moments with them. I suddenly felt so belonged in this (old) ladies group. Read more

Perpie in Pinas 2009: “puli kami sa iloilo” (going home to iloilo) – part two

The town of Concepcion, situated in northern Iloilo, is blessed with one of the most scenic seascapes in the whole province.

Forming a safe natural harbour for Concepcion Bay are 16 islands connected by azure waters and rich marine life.

According to Geraldine, Concepcion shelters only 14 (and a half, because the other is for the other town).  Whichever, these islands won’t disappear on the map anyway!

Let’s get a bit into history.

The coastal portion of mainland Concepcion is an ideal and natural harbour for boats because of the string of islands that surround it.  In 1872, the Spanish authorities, taking advantage of the strategic location, set-up a headquarters on an east-side hill.  Later, the town became the capital of the sub-province of Northern Iloilo.  Spanish galleons, Chinese junks and ships of other countries would call in to trade, make repairs and seek shelters from storms. Read more