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So Swiss: My Top Pick of Restaurants in Swiss Romandy

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My top 10 list of restaurants in Swiss Romandy got published first at the Travel section in

In case you found yourself in Swiss Romandy or the French-speaking western side of Switzerland and have no clue on where to go for a lovely dinner, here are ten restaurants that are worth a try. A quick note, I know they’re all in Switzerland where dining out is not exactly affordable, but not all of them are that pricey. This list has a combination of restaurants in different price ranges.

1. Au Coeur de la Cote at Vinzel, Vaud (
Specialties: malakoff, seasonal Swiss-French dishes and Vaud-produce wines
Menu Price Average: 40 – 50 CHF
Au Coeur de la Cote prides itself for serving the specialty of its canton – the malakoff. Crispy from the outside and cheesy within, the malakoff is a Swiss cheese beignet served typically with cornichons and pickled onions. Apart from that, their seasonal dishes are also interesting; while most of their wines have come from its region. It’s no surprise since the restaurant is aptly located along Vaud’s lovely vineyards. To top it all, the restaurant’s owner, Mr Wolfsteiner is perfectly hands-on. He warmly greets his guests coming in and out, and he is consistently vibrant, attentive and jovial.

2. Au Cavalier at Saint-George, Vaud (
Specialties: fine French cuisines, meat
Menu Price Average: 75 – 85 CHF
When we decided to have dinner at Au Cavalier, we wanted to veer away from busy Geneva during its annual Grand Feu d’Artifice. Little did I know that this quaint hotel-restaurant is far from ordinary. Up until now, Au Cavalier has been graded 14 out of 20 by one of the most influential French restaurant guides, Gault et Millau, a contemporary of a more popular Michelin. The food is heavenly divine and artistically well-done that we almost forgot about the spectacular firework display lighting up Pont du Mont Blanc that night.

3. Restaurant du Moulin La Cezille at Begnins, Vaud (
Specialties: Swiss meat dishes, traditional Swiss (Vaudois) cuisines
Menu Price Average: 35 – 45 CHF
La Cezille is originally founded in1961 as a restaurant running alongside with the meat shop and traiteur business of Mr Cornaz. He’d possibly decided to retire and slow down when in 2008, he closed down the meat shop and handed over the restaurant to new owners. Fortunately, the traditional dishes La Cezille has been ever known for are still on the menu such as: the artisanal sausage called as botato, and the Moulin plate that consists of meat cuts and terrines of different sorts. Most of all, La Cezille is popular for serving Swiss prime beef. Gallaway, Highland or Charolais meats, as well as the Bison and Angus, are all grilled to perfection in La Cezille.

4. Au Boeuf Rouge at Crassier, Vaud (
Specialties: Swiss-French cuisines, meat
Menu Price Average: 45 – 55 CHF
It was rather a random choice while we were attending a summer festival right across it, which was organized by the commune of Crassier. “It was good value for money,” as my husband puts it. We were all impressed by the quality of the food, and stunned by what it’s worth. Au Boeuf Rouge is currently managed by a Portuguese couple; the husband is the head chef. A little bird told me that they used to be at Buffet de la Gare restaurant in Gland, until the restaurant from which they were known was torn down to further construct a new hotel-restaurant. At this time of writing, I’m unsure on whether Buffet de la Gare would ever come back. I silently wish that the chef-husband and wife stay rather at Au Boeuf Rouge.

5. Restaurant du Jura at Saint-Cergue, Vaud
Specialties: traditional Swiss cheese fondue, meat
Menu Price Average: 25 – 35 CHF
Situated at the heart of the Jura natural park, Saint-Cergue is one of the nearest villages where people from Geneva and Lausanne can easily go to for winter activities like hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sleigh riding. Winter evenings must end with warm Swiss food of course. Definitely, Restaurant du Jura is amongst the coziest restaurants you can ever find in Saint- Cergue, where you can enjoy the classic Swiss winter dishes you can ever imagine. Go for their cheese fondue and Swiss wines. In summertime, I suggest you try cordon bleu. I love it to the max.

assiette genevoise swiss1

6. Hotel Restaurant La Croix Verte at Vich, Vaud (
Specialties: Swiss-French cuisines
Menu Price Average: 70 – 80 CHF
I first came across this restaurant when my husband’s friends came over and we all went out for dinner. This restaurant is fancy all throughout with a hefty bill to boot. Except only for the amount of time we had to wait for our food to be served, the food, the ambiance and the service are fantastic overall.

7. Cafe du Soleil at Geneva (
Specialties: traditional Swiss cheese fondue, Swiss-French cuisines, meat
Menu Price Average: 35 – 45 CHF
I often hear about Cafe du Soleil during my stay in Geneva. For one, it is just a few blocks away from the Catholic church where most Filipinos in Geneva go to hear mass. For another, Cafe du Soleil is always recommended by many locals for a good quality of Swiss cheese fondue. But what’s the most interesting fact is that the restaurant is over 400 years old! Nonetheless, this historic restaurant continues to keep its very rustic ambiance and centuries-old tradition alive.

8. Restaurant Pizzeria de la Croix Verte at Nyon, Vaud (
Specialties: Italian pizza and pasta, some Swiss-French cuisines
Menu Price Average: 35 – 45 CHF
At the outskirts of Geneva, Nyon is a nice place to visit for a weekend stroll. In case you happen to visit it, try to dine at La Croix-Verte. First started as a travelers lodge, La Croix-Verte has been around since 1842. Now a family restaurant, it offers a wide variety of Italian and Swiss-French dishes. Wooden-baked pizzas are must try.

9. Auberge de Crassier at Crassier, Vaud
Specialties: traditional Swiss-French cuisines, meat
Menu Price Average: 55 – 65 CHF
We came to visit this restaurant for the first time when it was gaming season in Switzerland. It was then also my first time to try wild boar brochettes flambéed with cognac. Auberge de Crassier serves typical Swiss-French cuisines such as fondue and lake fish fillets.

10. Restaurant Les Armures at Geneva (
Specialties: traditional Swiss-French cuisines, meat
Menu Price Average: 55 – 65 CHF
Situated in the historic old town of Geneva, you’d somehow assume that this restaurant is a tourist trap. Not really so, for Restaurant Les Armures is not only one of the oldest restaurants in the city, but also it has been visited by lots of celebrities and prominent figures. The Clinton couple is amongst the very few. People visit this restaurant normally for Swiss specials, most likely the fondue and raclette.

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