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So Swiss: Avenches, Thun & Spiez

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I was excited enough when we finally decided to visit the historical tourist destination in Switzerland – the Interlaken. Yet the more it got interesting when we stopped by these quaint yet equally eye-pleasing Swiss towns as well.

Morning stroll at Avenches

Interlaken Picasa

Before we officially left Vaud, we took our morning walk in a dainty, quiet town called Avenches. Formerly called Aventicum, it was the capital of Roman Helvetia founded by Emperor Augustus 2,000 years ago. A significantly-sized Roman amphitheater in Avenche beams proudly as soon as you get into the town’s proper, thus speaking about the town’s unique heritage from the Roman era.


Nowadays, this Roman amphitheater holds several festivals and cultural events in Avenches. Among its famous festivals are the Rock Oz’Arenes, an annual open-air rock festival, which has been around for almost 25 years; and the Avenches Opera Festival, which I think closely resembles the opera festival in Verona. Oh, how disappointing it was when we missed the opera season when we were in Verona, now that it reminds me! Perhaps, Avenches opera is a good alternative then.

Avenches city hall

Al fresco lunch at Thun

Interlaken Picasa1

As we gazed toward the wide Broye Plain from Avenches overlooking Nespresso production facility, I asked hubby, “How far are we still from Thun?”

“We still need to travel for almost an hour. We’ll pass by the ring road in Berne and it’s almost noon so considering the possible slow traffic…Why do you ask?” he asked me back.

“Well, I just had light breakfast this morning. Now I’m hungry.” I sounded as if it’s an emergency and just like that, we quickly left Avenches so we can be on-the-dot for a lunch in Thun.


Situated at the lower end of the lake to where the River Aare flows out, the city of Thun is considerably the gate to the Bernese Oberland. We were welcomed with skies getting clearer and brighter, and a spectacular turquoise beauty of River Aare that extends further to Lake Thun. The Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau sit majestically across this lake. As soon as I saw a rustic paddle steamer on the riverside, I could imagine – how beautiful the view is while cruising on Lake Thun.


Thun’s old town streets are lined with cozy arcades and restaurants, rushing river streams crossing by wooden bridges, and a white late-medieval castle sitting atop of the hill. It went perfectly sunny at lunchtime so everyone had their lunches outdoors. We also did just the same, but a quick al fresco lunch we only had. Inasmuch as we wanted to enjoy Thun with sunny weather, off we went to our next destination.

We saw a surfer on the running stream of Aare river. Cool eh?

Old castle visit at Spiez

Interlaken Picasa2

Our last destination is Spiez, a small town nestled between hills and vineyards and dominated by a magnificent castle along Lake Thun. We quickly visited the medieval castle and its thousand-year-old castle church. It started to drizzle, so we thought that it’s time to go to Interlaken.

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