Perpie in Pinas 2014 – Cebu Once More: A Day in the Metro

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This is the third part of CEBU ONCE MORE series. If you missed the first part, read it here – BE in Mactan. And the second part? Check it out here – Mactan Shrine & Sutukil.

Part of this post has been first published at The Filipino Expat. You can also check it out here – On Pinoy Malling and Cebu Lechon.

It was beautiful and sunny the following day we arrived, fitting for what we planned to do first in the city of Cebu. Since I’ve been here several times, as expected, I prepared an itinerary for the first-timer – my hubby of course! He had also been looking forward to this tour, as this was going to be the start for him to truly explore what my home country has in store, beyond the beach life that he’d ever been acquainted with. Read more

Italy is LOVE

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Our honeymoon escapade in Italy just got published at the 5th issue of The Filipino Expat Magazine. Check it out here.

I have been to Rome twice, to Florence once, and yet, I still yearn to go back. The perfect timing came when I got married and was looking for a honeymoon destination. My husband has never been to any of those Italian cities I just mentioned. So the day after exchanging marital vows on a fairytale-like Nordic island, we flew back home to Switzerland, packed our stuff, and took an unforgettable road trip to Italy.

Undoubtedly, Italy is one of the most highly-recommended honeymoon spots in the world. This we realized after our two-week blissful tour around the north and central Italy. We were simply awestruck by the European country’s sheer beauty and exquisiteness. If you find yourselves in Italy, especially during the love month, do try to include the following in your itinerary: Read more

So Swiss: My Top Pick of Restaurants in Swiss Romandy

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My top 10 list of restaurants in Swiss Romandy got published first at the Travel section in

In case you found yourself in Swiss Romandy or the French-speaking western side of Switzerland and have no clue on where to go for a lovely dinner, here are ten restaurants that are worth a try. A quick note, I know they’re all in Switzerland where dining out is not exactly affordable, but not all of them are that pricey. This list has a combination of restaurants in different price ranges.

1. Au Coeur de la Cote at Vinzel, Vaud (
Specialties: malakoff, seasonal Swiss-French dishes and Vaud-produce wines
Menu Price Average: 40 – 50 CHF
Au Coeur de la Cote prides itself for serving the specialty of its canton – the malakoff. Crispy from the outside and cheesy within, the malakoff is a Swiss cheese beignet served typically with cornichons and pickled onions. Apart from that, their seasonal dishes are also interesting; while most of their wines have come from its region. It’s no surprise since the restaurant is aptly located along Vaud’s lovely vineyards. To top it all, the restaurant’s owner, Mr Wolfsteiner is perfectly hands-on. He warmly greets his guests coming in and out, and he is consistently vibrant, attentive and jovial. Read more

Tying the Knot in Aeroskobing

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It is originally published in the Christmas special issue of The Filipino Expat Magazine.

Like any other couples, we also experienced the highs and lows of getting married. Especially that, not only we are born of different race (a Belgian and a Filipina), but also we live in another country as expats.

Pinning down the wedding place

Getting the country where you want to get wed is the most important step to do first. It all boils down to the legal requirements and bureaucratic process that go with it vis-à-vis the time, cost and effort you are willing to spend. It takes some time for research or simply, asking the right people around.

Switzerland could have been the most convenient choice for us. The moment we started asking however, we felt it wouldn’t come easily. Just from securing all the required documents, translating all these in three official Swiss languages, waiting for our application to get approved, to getting a wedding date and place, neither we had the luxury of time nor the patience and diligence to follow all these. So we started looking for other options. Our penchant for traveling might also be the reason why we decided to do it some place else. Read more

Fresh Soups for Fall

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The Pinoy’s mung beans soup recipe made it first to “The Filipino Kitchen” at

I’ve always wanted to make freshly made soups myself. Before, I couldn’t find time to do it. There seems always an excuse for everything, like, “I’m busy to do things of utmost priority!” Surely now I’ve got the reasons, and motivation, to start learning and doing things I had been pushing aside for so long. Definitely, cooking homemade soups is one.

It’s my first time to make these dishes and thank God for the internet, these recipes I found helped me a lot. There may be a variety of ways in cooking these dishes, but I can recommend these recipes so far. Ask my hubby, he’ll give a thumbs-up. Read more

So Swiss: Up High in Pilatus

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Happy to report: Up High in Pilatus is first published at the Click here.

It is hard to deny that the Swiss are proud of their mountains. Why wouldn’t they? More than half of the country is occupied greatly by the Alps, with about a hundred of its mountain peaks reaching to 4,000 meters and higher. Leading the way to such prominence are the likes of Matterhorn and Jungfrau that have never failed to amaze hikers, mountaineers and tourists alike; thus leaving a good impression on how the Swiss treat their mountains, and nature in general. I can assure you, very well indeed.

Mount Pilatus is definitely amongst the lucky ones. At 2,132 meters high, it is considerably just amongst below-average mountains in Switzerland in terms of height. The median height of Swiss mountains is at around 2,900 meters. Nonetheless, going atop of Mount Pilatus will still give you a stunning view, particularly of Lucerne and its lake and a panorama of 73 Alpine peaks. Read more