Summer Solstice (Part Un)

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The Herbes de Provence Rotisserie Chicken was first published at You can find it here.

It was a happy sigh of relief when we thought of the Spring goddess coming to rescue us from bitter-cold winter this year. Two months passed by since then, it seemed likely that she might have gone somewhere else. I was already getting excited to see the birds and the trees, the flowers and the bees coming out full of life, but given the almost zero degrees temperature at springtime, they themselves were unsure if they really should. Meanwhile, I had been in constant bouts with myself just for deciding on what exactly to wear.  Oh spring, where art thou really?

At the end of another season, summer starts to come as it should be. Whoopie! And that excitement led me to check my knack for cooking again. Read more

The Filipino Expat Magazine – Living in Europe

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Dheza Aguilar and I first met in Amsterdam, when I was attending a socio-religious event and she, as a journalist for a known local TV program back home, was on an assignment. She came to interview me, asking about my personal stand on the reproductive health bill, which was apparently a hot topic at that time in our home-country. “Oh boy, how strong-willed she was to get a scoop here to create an interesting build on the story,” I told myself. Well, it really should be the case and I liked it.

Dheza came for a visit together with her husband, Robin, in Geneva a few months back and from there we came to know more about each other. Over time I came to realize how much we have in common, given particularly our experiences living in Europe, outside the Philippines, being in an intercultural relationship, and our penchant for writing. Read more