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week enders: roma high

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“About week enders, I’ll give you snippets of the highs and lows of my week.”

28.05.2012 monday
It’s a rainy morning in Roma today. Good thing, I was inside the Vatican.

– Despite the fact that I woke up early, a long queue in front of the Vatican museum still waited for me. So I decided to visit St. Peter’s Basilica first.

– Before I left St. Peter’s Square, I went to the Vatican Post Office to buy a postcard that I’d send for my family back in Pinas. Yes, I’m sending my love and well-wishes for them from Roma. It’s a signed, sealed and delivered postcard to let mom know that her request has been granted.

– I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the vast collection of art masterpieces in the world at the Vatican museum. I’m just used to see these famous sculptures and paintings from the books, and then they’re just right in front of me.

– I appreciated Rennaisance arts here in Vatican museum more than in Louvre. Especially with the works of Raphael and of Michaelangelo, everything felt so surreal.  Sistine Chapel is oh, so beautiful!  I can stay on for more just staring at the walls and ceilings.

Sala di Constantino is one of the four rooms Raphael is commissioned to create.

– Lunchtime, I went back to L’Isola della Pizza and took the popular Tartufo for dessert. Yummy!

– Taking the Metro Roma is quite easy but with all the renovation/construction going on in the underground, you’d somewhat get lost. It only has 2 major lines. What struck me the most is the metro train that goes to and from the Coliseum. It is totally vandalized, left to right, front and back. My goodness me, I wanted to faint right there and then.

Metro Roma. Piazza Popolo. Colosseo. Piazza Spagna. And Japanese Tourist. Este, Pinay!

– I still couldn’t resist the urge to shop at Piazza Spagna. I thought a gelato at hand could do the trick.

I’d almost have a bad dining experience if I stayed at one of these fancy restos along the tourist sites. It’s only going to be a rip off. Go where the real Romans eat. So, I got another delicious dinner that’s worth the price I paid for. The resto’s near my hotel again. I just love my spot!

@perkyperpie tweets: “sabi na nga’t mag-rubber shoes na lang eh! wag mag-stiletto sa cobblestone streets, nakamamatay. #pasaway”

Though I know I’ll never lose affection. For people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop and think about them. In my life I love you more…Okay, it must be the wine (sans the tomatoes).

– A friend shared this beautiful article. Very timely, I got carried away.

“Because this strikes a chord… Home is where the heart is but living abroad has its pros too, one being self-discovery, once out of my comfort zone…”
What Happens When You Live Abroad, Read here.

29.05.2012 tuesday
All my bags are pack but I’m not ready to go…

– Because, it’s a must that I see…this, this, and this.


– And I had to pass by here to buy this sought-after espresso coffee…

Italian coffee is generally better than any other coffee I’ve had, but the espresso I got here at Sant Eustachio il caffe is to die for. I’m not kidding, the best espresso I’ve ever had so far.

 “Walking streets alone and eating dinner at tables for one — maybe with a book, maybe not — you’re left alone for hours, days on end with nothing but your own thoughts. You start talking to yourself, asking yourself questions and answering them, and taking in the day’s activities with a slowness and an appreciation that you’ve never before even attempted. Even just going to the grocery store — when in an exciting new place, when all by yourself, when in a new language — is a thrilling activity. And having to start from zero and rebuild everything, having to re-learn how to live and carry out every day activities like a child, fundamentally alters you. Yes, the country and its people will have their own effect on who you are and what you think, but few things are more profound than just starting over with the basics and relying on yourself to build a life again. I have yet to meet a person who I didn’t find calmed by the experience. There is a certain amount of comfort and confidence that you gain with yourself when you go to this new place and start all over again, and a knowledge that — come what may in the rest of your life — you were capable of taking that leap and landing softly at least once.” – by Chelsea Fagan, “What Happens When You Live Abroad

The things that had kept me company during this much-needed trip and I are waiting in vain. Back to reality tomorrow!
30.05.2012 wednesday

– After all the long walks at the cobblestone streets of Rome (sanpietrini they call it), I was dead tired. But it’s all worth it, I enjoyed every stone I stepped on.

31.05.2012 thursday

On a commuter’s trip from Manila’s business district to the suburbs, the director finds a myriad of possibilities, ranging from miniature ironic situations to a love story that is finally finding its unexpected closing. An emotional rollercoaster ride of despair, dreams and desire, MNL 143 is also a black comedy about limited private spaces in conflict with sprawling public realms.

Congrats Chuck and good luck!

– Read this article, Philippine economy outstrips expectations, is second-fastest in Asia, after China.

@perkyperpie tweets: “there’s indescribable joy when you see your friends leveling up. #seriously”

– While I’m busy uploading Roma photos, I’m prepping my mood for another getaway. Say, Berlin?

01.06.2012 friday

– Look what I found on top of my office chair. I’ve got a book fairy! Thanks so much!

@perkyperpie tweets: “spell BUSY on a friday #tgif #whew”

– Read this article, Forget BRICs. Think TIP.

02.06.2012 saturday

I believe in going with the flow. I don’t believe in fighting against the flow. You ride on your river and you go with the tides and the flow. But it has to be your river, not someone else’s. Everyone has their own river, and you don’t need to swim,float,sail on their’s, but you need to be in your own river and you need to go with it. And I don’t believe in fighting the wind. You go and you fly with your wind. Let everyone else catch their own gusts of wind and let them fly with their own gusts of wind, and you go and you fly with yours. ― C. JoyBell C.

– I’m on stay-at-home weekend. Weather’s just beautifully sunny. But my nose was killing me! I’m now allergic to pollens, well done.

– Dinner’s pretty interesting. No guests tonight, for a change! We got Bourgogne wines (my very first bottles I guess) and Castroni limoncello along with a cool night breeze and stories.

03.06.2012 sunday

– It’s my most favorite perk-me-up song. It just kept me going and going and going. I enjoyed my run and workout today.

– All the paper and small stuff at my cabinet caught my attention, I cleaned up. JR, too, has been also catching my attention recently. What a perfect timing.

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